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Tapas en el Restaurante Esteban
C/ Cava baja, 36. 28005 - Madrid +34 91 365 90 91

Tradition has it that it was the King Alfonso X "The Wise" who ordered that wine could not be served in the taverns of Castilla without some food so that the alcohol vapors would not cause organic dysfunctions.

• Cured ham from la Dehesa de Extremadura  
• Highly Seasoned Pork Sausage  
• Manchego Cheese  
• Tripes a la Madrileña  
• Ham Croquettes  
• Stewed Escargots  
• Esteban Special Salad  
• Roasted Red Peppers Salad  
• Anchovies in Vinegar  
• fried Anchovies  
• Marriage (Two differentes kind of Anchovies)  
• Spanish Potato Salad  
• Fried Bread with Bacon and Spanish Sausage  
• Fried Blood Puding  
• Broken Eggs with Potatoes  
• Vegetables Sauteed with Eggs  
• Shrimps with Garlic  
• Veal Meatballs  
• Red Pepper with codfish (piece)  
• Cup of casserole of the day  
• Scrambled Blood Puding  
• Stewed bull-tail  
• Delights of hake  
• Shrimp croquettes  
• Roe deer sirloin in red wine sauce  
• Squid rings fried in batter  
• Fried Spanish sausage  
• Mushrooms with ham